Several images show the same shots of identical helmets. This may seem unnecessary but it is not. Some helmets are still brand new, some have been polished up, others are having a dark patina and lots of dents in them which clearly shows that each and every helmet is unique and has its own character and history.

Identical photographs?

A growing website

After 30 year of photography and collecting I have built up a large stock of diving photo’s. I provide Images for use in books, websites, magazines, commercials, museums, video productions, iPad aps. etc. But still it can do with a broader public and a website seems a perfect way. All images are placed in albums which are arranged in alphabetical order by country and then by manufacturers name. No name equipment is filed under the country where it was made ( like Russia for instance ) Some albums contain images which are of a poor quality due to their age, I am intent to take new pictures to replace them as soon as there is a specific need for these images. Do you need a photograph of a specific item which you have not found on this website? Then contact us: with a large specialized library and an international network of collectors and historians nearly any photograph or illustration can be realized.

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The Historical Diving Image Bank

And there are also lots of photo’s listed for general interest / without any commercial interest which are marked ‘SALVAGED’. These images I have once received from friends or I once found them on the internet etc. and the maker is not known. Often they are of a poor quality but the information they provide can be most valuable for research.

The photographs which are marked ‘IMAGE BANK’ I made myself. These photographs I show in the first place for general interest but since I have them also available as high resolution files they are available for commercial use. Some of them you may recognize from other websites and articles in ‘DIVER’ magazine North America, ‘Classic Diver’, ‘Dykkehistorisk Tidsskrift’, Historical Diving Times’, and last but not least ‘National Geographic Magazine’ as well as various books on diving.

There are many images listed which are marked ‘SHARED’. These images I received from the makers who wanted to share them with us, at their wish these photographs are credited to them or not. So in order to get the website more complete I added these images as well but to distinguish them from my own ( commercially available ) photographs I labeled them either ‘SHARED’. Do you have any photographs or information you want to share then please hit the email button down below and send them. Thank you.

About the photographs

I will continue listing photographs from my stock on this website but since it is a time consuming job it will take a long time until all is done. Also do I hope to continue finding old diving equipment which I can take pictures of, both for commercial use and for general interest. When you have any comment or request, or when there is any old diving equipment or documentation you have for sale, want to exchange or want to have professional photographs taken of then you may contact me at: Thank you.

The DiveScrap Index

Thousands of photographs, illustrations and snapshots are floating around on the internet. Once used as an image for an online auction listing or just proud collectors who are happy to show their latest purchase. As they are these images are interesting to look at ( when you can find them ) but when they are arranged in proper files they become quite valuable for research and general interest. That is why I decided to combine my own ( commercial ) image bank with a public ( non commercial ) register where anyone may supply images to. To keep things simple I built one general register which I called ‘DiveScrap’ and in it I have started listing both the high resolution photographs I made myself and the images which I have been sent by friends within the Historical Diving Society and other fellow collectors and historians. We will start this up rather basically but the idea is to collect more images and more info to get the website as complete as possible.